Spanish for Nurses: Programs and Classes

by Maria Oliveira

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Spanish for Nurses: Bridge the Language Barrier with Spanish Medical Vocabulary

Spanish for Nurses and healthcare providers classes and courses are increasingly in demand due to a growing Spanish-speaking clientele. Classes in the Spanish for Nurses program focus on medical vocabulary, providing just the right words to express important ideas. Enough grammar to form simple Spanish statements is taught, but with an emphasis on Spanish medical vocabulary, efficient and effective communication between nurses and patients is initiated and developed quickly.

Using Spanish for Nurses language skills in any healthcare office or facility that serves a Spanish-speaking community is a valuable skill that supports a nurse’s years of technical training. Without a Spanish medical vocabulary background for determining intervention levels,  giving vital instructions, and simply understanding a patient’s symptoms, a nurse’s high-level skills must be set aside until the language barrier is bridged.  Nurses who take advantage of Spanish for Nurses classes can act immediately because they can assess the situation without delay.

Spanish for Nurses medical vocabulary lessons are vital to medical practice. When nurses learn the Spanish words for body parts, or symptoms, or the Spanish phrases that ask important questions, their jobs become suddenly easier and more productive. Imagine, no more waiting for the translator to arrive; no more ignored instructions; no more unclear symptoms to puzzle over! Learning Spanish language medical vocabulary using Maria Oliveira’s Spanish for Nurses course is the most convenient way to acquire the words for communicating with patients and their families.

Other healthcare staff members, such as the front office staff, the behind the scenes clerical support, as well as the professional doctors, nurses, and technicians, enjoy success with Spanish for Nurses medical vocabulary courses. From answering phones, to obtaining demographics, to determining whether an emergency exists, the Spanish medical vocabulary in Maria Oliveira’s Spanish for Nurses program is designed to be effective in real-life situations. Motivated adult learners will enjoy the process and practice methods taught in the Spanish for Nurses program.

Our classes in Conversational Spanish for Healthcare Providers cover the significant vocabulary and phrases that will easily get you through your healthcare interactions with Spanish speakers. The classes are also approved for nurses who wish to earn California CEU credits. Do something good for yourself, your career, and for your patients; the next class begins soon and runs for three additional Saturdays, from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM. Classes will take place at Maria Oliveira Language Learning Center in Richmond, California, 94806. Please check our new class schedule here.


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