Free Spanish Lessons for Healthcare Providers

Spanish Lessons

Improve your Spanish language skill using our free Conversational Spanish Lessons for Healthcare Providers. We offer at Maria Oliveira Language Learning Center specialized and intensive Spanish language course designed to enhance effective communication between patients and their healthcare providers. These courses emphasis basic, practical language needed to communicate with Spanish speaking patients and their families at the hospital or doctor’s office, on the telephone, or at the patient’s home.

Free Conversational Spanish Lessons for Healthcare Providers useful phrases:

¿Cómo se siente ahora?
How do you feel now?

¿Tiene dolor?
Do you have pain?

¿Dónde le duele?
Where does it hurt?

¿Desde cuando le duele?
Since when does it hurt?

¿Se siente bien?
Do you feel well?


  • You’ll be able to offer immediate help to your Spanish-speaking patients. No more waiting for an available translator!
  • Increased efficiency. Save time for your patients and your department!
  • Your patients will appreciate your efforts and feel more trusting of you as their health care provider, especially at critical times.
  • Your improved interactions with Spanish-speaking patients can lead to advancement and increased pay.

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